“inspiring hope, one story at a time”

Charlotte Grey is pseudonym for a spirituality and recovery writer based in Hawai’i. Her expanding portfolio of published material explores a breadth of solutions she uses to heal her own shameful wounds. Having worked several 12-Step programs, had over a decade of therapy, and having survived a rampantly abusive childhood until getting sober at age 20, Charlotte’s had a lot of broken parts to fix.

Anonymity is crucial for Charlotte so that she can speak as honestly and candidly as discussions of these topics require.

“I focus my writing on issues treated as taboo, both before and during sobriety. I’ve noticed these things are rarely talked about but how many people identify when I share my experiences. Anyone struggling needs to hear that they’re not alone and that there’s a solution.

“My published articles discuss my personal stories in depth, while my blog and Instagram explore applying spiritual concepts to everyday problems. I hope my work can help guide you to the emotional, psychological, and spiritual freedom I’ve been blessed to experience.”


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Disclaimer Charlotte Grey does not claim any professional training in social work or psychiatry. The suggestions listed on this page and on this website are meant to inspire supplemental treatment options for self-help. It is recommended that professional treatment be combined with any solutions discussed herein for suspected or known psychological or psychiatric malady, and that the content of this website not be used as substitute for professional treatment.

photograph by E. Carey | photoediting and writing © Charlotte Grey Writings

*For writing requests, please contact Charlotte via e-mail.